Lesson Learn (Ibrah) Covid-19

Novel Coronavirus 2019 or simply known as COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) started in Wuhan, China before spreading to the rest of the world since the end of December 2019. What started as normal flu become pandemic after one after another super-power country like the US, France, Italy, and the UK got affected by the disease. As of this article is written, there are approximately 180 countries affected with the total patient has exponentially grown to more than 1 million and total death of more than 60k (as of 5th March 2020). The number is expected to big more and worst than the previous pandemics such as H1N1, MERS-COV, and Ebola.

What is the lesson learn (Ibrah) of this scariest pandemic in the era of IoT and IR 4.0?

  1. You can have the best infrastructures, top healthcare system, superb financial scheme, but if you take it for granted, it is useless. You can see how Italy, Spain, and US are having a tough time combating the virus. And these are countries are superpower with the best military equipment and healthcare.
  2. Earth is taking time to recover and this is one of the good news we heard so far. Here and there we heard that the ozone layer was improved bit by bit.
  3. We see people start to learn how to survive like poor people. Eat when it is necessary and eat only the necessary food.
  4. We start learning the economy and financial system and calculating our expenses and projecting our needs in the future. Many start restructuring their income and debt.
  5. The Internet has become one of the needed items in Maslow’s hierarchy. People are talking about online learning, work from home, work from anywhere, online tv and streaming, etc. Slow internet has become major concern and critical issue to the service providers, of which before this was taken for granted. The teacher starts to learn and applying online teaching using the various tools, of which previously ignore and not many university implemented it. Online shopping and the online market is a boom. Foodservice delivery become critical service providers.
  6. We start to appreciate mosque, masjid, church, temple, etc. People start talking about missing going to the place. When they have work, they are too busy to attend and now they remember about it.
  7. People start to clean their hands and faces. Practice hygiene protection. Follow the Muslim ways of washing their asses when toilet paper is missing.
  8. People start wearing a mask, when previously they condemn Muslim women for covering every section of their body except eyes. They started to appreciate the practice.
  9. Many Muslims now having more time to read the Quran and Solat.
  10. The family now is having more bonding time.
  11. We work like there is no tomorrow, but now we get to rest as there is no job for us.
  12. We can see whom are the rich people that have concern over the poor and who are the rich people that only concern themselves.
  13. We can see which businesses we need to support and which to forget.
  14. We can see the true color of people.
  15. We start to appreciate our front liners; the doctors, police, army, firefighter, cleaner, service workers and many more.
  16. We should have know which political parties or person that we can trust or put faith in, and who are real jokers.
  17. We learn to be patient and cool and stay calm. Adult start learning to stay in Q (when we lined up to go into grocery) and follow the rules.
  18. Many men learn to shop and buy food, learn to clean shirt and house, and learn to be responsible, son, husband, and father.
  19. Many women now realize the importance of having the right men in their house.
  20. Many parents now realize how their kids are in school and their true color when doing online learning.

There is always a blessing in disguise in everything that happens to us. Allah does not make it happen if there is nothing we can learn (or someone can learn from it). Everything happens for a reason. Either we realize, ignore or simply can’t see it.

So Stay Calm .. Stay Cool .. Fill the time with good things as you will never know when you will have the opportunity again.

May ALLAH save us all and grant us Jannah. InsyaAllah.

Technologist, Analyst, Engineer and Architect by profession but a photographer by hobby

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Haszeli Ahmad

Haszeli Ahmad

Technologist, Analyst, Engineer and Architect by profession but a photographer by hobby

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