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Haszeli Ahmad

I recently subscribed to be one of the Microsoft Insider Program to get the taste of new things from Microsoft. That happen after a friend of mine, whom are strongly supporter of OSS ad being promoting it share in his Facebook on the Windows 11 installation (of which he still unable to install it during this article is written here).

To those whom are interested to try, may browse it at Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog

Rightly before you installed, you might wanna check you computer health by using the tools from Microsoft. …

In my good old days, reading the entire content of a website is not easy. The process of web scraping and getting the required data requires lots of programming and a few tools. A friend of mine even developed and sold the tool which he called it (during the development) as myrobot. He developed using PHP.

Now, it is much easier and one of the many ways is using R.

Here are the steps (which requires you to write ONLY two lines of code)

  1. Connect to the website using URL command
    con <- url ([the website url], “r”)
  2. Then, read…

In the normal development process, you will create a repo (the repo in this article is located at Github), followed by the cloning process or download as full directory into your localhost. It is much easier and straightforward. There won’t be any issues especially if your scrum master or release manager is a well trained person in handling branching, merging, and releasing code using git.

However, in most cases, especially for a full-stack developer who did everything on its own, you may encounter an issue if:

  1. You created a project in your localhost first using R Studio and set Git…

TM Unifi NETIS DL4480V Connectivity Problem

After a while, the NETIS DL4480V router provided by TM upon subscribed to TM Streamyx (or TM Unifi lite) will fail to work properly. Your internet connection may be up and down or worst the router itself will frequently disconnected or restart.

Before that happen, in case you need to reset your router, Please DO NOT go to or

It is useless (worth to try but it won’t be helpful enough).

You can even call their call-center line at 100 and the best guidance you can get is just to confirm your username and password again and resetting…

I was watching a Malay telemovie (drama) on Facebook. It was a 2 years ago movie while few of the actors are still alive. The title is 16 Puasa. Here is the link to it

One of the background music was so familiar. Searching for it and I found penguin dance. But still, the lyrics do not seem to match with the background music.

Telegram’s user continues to increase and recently it reaches 400 million user per month

Since its birth, there are many features added plus friendly API allowing various innovative ideas add-in to its base.

But, having lots of features may also result in lots of possibilities for hacking. One of the many features that may be wrongly used is the Automatic Media Download. As noob @ beginner, many do not realize it until their phone or PC slow due to disk space has shrunk as telegram keeps on automatically download all files. The most scarier is that the auto-play anything including…

Ketika abah saya pulang ke rahmat Illahi, tiada sesiapa pun dikalangan kami adik beradik biasa tempuhi proses dan perubahan hidup tanpa abah. Saya yakin, ramai juga begitu. Lantas, akibat dari ketidak-biasaan serta ketiadaan pengalaman termasuk dari saudara-mara, perjalanan selepas itu menjadi perlahan ataupun sukar. Ditambah lagi jika arwah seorang yang berharta, maka pastinya saat selepas itu menjadi titik permulaan sejauh mana ahli keluarga mampu diuji dengan dugaan harta dan kesenangan.

Maka, apa yang perlu dilakukan?

Selepas diisytiharkan mati

Sesaat selepas diisytiharkan mati, para ahli keluarga terdekat perlu melakukan perkara berikut:

  1. Memaklumkan kepada semua ahli keluarga (utamakan yang dekat).
  2. Memaklumkan kepada pihak surau dan…

I am writing (and still writing as of this article) a manual to assist me in teaching Tableau. One of the sections is Parameter. There are many examples and guidance provided by Tableau.

You may read/view the following articles/videos for the guide on parameter.







The only problem I faced was to have an ‘All’ data if the user did not select any or wishes to see all data. None of them help. …

Pertengahan April ini akan tamatlah PKP fasa 2; itu pun jika tidak disambung oleh MKN. Rata2 peniaga dan majikan berharap agar PKP ditamatkan. Malah, ada yang memberikan candangan akan PKP dilonggarkan mengikut warna zon. Sementara rakyat pula ada yang berharap agar PKP dapat diteruskan hingga wabak berjaya dihentikan serta adanya vaksin yang berjaya.

Haszeli Ahmad

Technologist, Analyst, Engineer and Architect by profession but a photographer by hobby

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